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he/she 18 white lesbian

art by me!

hello!!!!!! my name is ash. i am an artist, webmaster, and ur internet cat pal!
warning.. i kinda have weird internet grammar Oh yea and im also autistic LAWL. apologies in advance...

who is that?? that is zorocat (it/he)! one of my main sonas :3

after browsing this page, youll probably know almost everything about me but my current residence. i luv talking about myself and the things i like
ummm im a taurus sun cap moon and sag rising... take that info as u will. i dont have any label for my gender other than that i like to call myself a boygirl.. or girlboy. i go by he/she pronouns but he/him is highly preferred especially if were strangers lol. being a lesbian owes no explaination.
im a pretty shy and closed off person. even on the internet where im most comfortable, im not one to say much when someone first talks to me or messages me. when i get comfortable u will get sick of me tho LAWL.

above anything else i am an artist. even though i consider it as just a hobby, i have always had a passion for it my whole life. my ocs are a huge part of who i am.

another part of who i am is my little pony: friendship is magic!!! anypony (heh) who knows me knows i loved this show my whole life and i couldnt go writing a bio of myself without mentioning it. its what got me into drawing and the internet to begin with. i am the #1 super duper uber crazy fan of derpy/muffins/ditzy doo and i identify myself as her. she actually helped me cope with my insecurities of being diagnosed with amblyopia/lazy eye as a kid so i have a pretty big emotional attachment 2 her as well. i have a derpy merch collection and i even have a tattoo of her cuz im sooooo cool

i have a lot of love for cats, obviously. ESPECIALLY my cats trixie and link. some might say i am a crazy cat person. i love them like i birthed them myself.... and i could talk about them FOREVER! they pretty much put my interest in cats into overdrive. i cant say im the greatest cat owner in the world but i am always actively learning how to make their lives happy and healthy. not to get EMO but they are the main reasons i keep going another day.

other than cats, i have a huge interest in animals in general. most specifically on the mammailian side of things. i would love to study zoology in the future and hopefully have a career in that field. one of the animals i am most fascinated by are bears!

i am a huge theme park fan! i am always learning history of a certain attraction and the inner workings of my favorite ones. my favorite parks are universal islands of adventure, tokyo disneysea, WDWs animal kingdom, and efteling. above all else though i am a huge universal parks fan! from the classic "ride the movies" attractions to the newer like super nintendo world, and the future like epic universe. i could talk about them forever. my biggest dream is to work in the theme park industry. im also a fan of rollercoasters!! though i dont have many credits, my all time favorites are velocicoaster and fury 325! :D

i first learned the basics of html from customizing my deviantart profile (LOL) when i was young. i never really touched coding since then, but the stan twitter carrd boom of 2019-2021 got me into desigining my own web page. it was cringe but i had a lot of fun doing it. there i learned some words that began to recogize when i relearned coding in 2022.

i started making a neocities page a few years back that is now abandoned but you can still view it here. im not sure why i completely dropped it but i know that i didnt like using my laptop at the time very much. jump to the end of 2023 where i got my very own pc!!! yeyy!!! getting a new computer really motivated me to get back into coding and the rest is historyyyyy.

im unfortunately still active on twitter, and i am on my personal account quite often. thats the place where ur most likely gonna get any interaction with me cuz its the only social media i use LOL. feel free to request a follow but im pretty selective. thank youu!! :3

i love...

  • my cats
  • splatoon
  • my little pony: friendship is magic
  • bears!!!!!!! (favs r spectacled, asiatic black, and tibetan blue)
  • theme parks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • my fav colors :3 Fe Fe Fe Fe
  • johnny from nct and only him. idk thats just how my autism works
  • the band aural vampire!!
  • circuit boards & electronic parts despite having 0 clue how they work
  • spicy food
  • robots
  • azumanga daioh
  • kpop girl groups! (snsd, 9muses, aespa & more)
  • stormy weather
  • cookie run ovenbreak
  • jerma985
  • rilakkuma
  • fashion
  • lace, buttons, bows and polka-dots
  • chococat & pompompurin
  • art dolls
  • web design
  • pretty looking technology
  • 2010-2015 internet stuff AKA the stuff i grew up with
  • this gif of johnny and jerma that i made heheh....
  • l|

    i love my
    kitty cats!!!!!!!!!!

    drag me!